Congratulations! The StormBots tied for 3rd place at the 2012 Seattle FIRST Regional Competition! Competition was held at CenturyLink Field in Seattle. The StormBots won the Entrepreneur Award and a Pit Safety Award signed by Dean Kamen! Way to go StormBots!

Robotics Story from March 10 at the 2012 Autodesk Oregon Regional Competition

Robotics Story from March 10 at the 2012 Autodesk Oregon Regional Competition Written by: Jason Vilaysanh Sitting in the cheering crowd, anticipation flows through my body; the FRC Team 2811 Skyview Stormbot 4, affectionately nicknamed the “Linfiltrator 2811” after the basketball player Jeremy Lin, was about to compete. Amongst the rest of the audience at the 2012 Autodesk Oregon Regional, I cry out in excitement and joy. It would be our time to shine: we would show everyone what the outcome of our hard work would be.

Portland and Seattle regionals Preparations

Portland and Seattle regionals Preparations We decided to build two robots this year for the Seattle and Portland regionals. That way, when it’s time to bag and tag the robot, we can continue working on the twin, looking for other problems to tweak. We made a shooter mechanism that is unique because it utilizes a rotating wheel to propel the ball ferociously but accurately. Our team also decided to program our robot to score points in autonomous mode, meaning the robot can score by itself.

Meet Our Team! (2012)

Meet Our Team Mentors Basil Zhabko: I work for Columbia Ultimate, and I am Senior Software Engineer. This will be second season I have mentored for robotics. I like robotics because it is all about learning and knowledge sharing. I mentor for programming, and Competitive Intelligence sub-teams. Craig Boezwinkle: I work for Western Integrated Technologies in Portland. We primarily build and sell hydraulic, pneumatic, and automation systems and components.

BunnyBots 2011

BunnyBots 2011 20 teams attended this year’s BunnyBot. Of those 20 teams, our Skyview robotics team took 11th Place in the final standings. Many of the team members who participated either worked on the robot (build team), asked other teams how they raise money (marketing team), and/or drove the robot (drive team). Our drivers were Misha, Kelson, Connor, and Thomas. At BunnyBot each team was pared up with another team.

Stormbots Volunteer at the Intel Oregon FIRST LEGO League Tournament

Stormbots Volunteer at the Intel Oregon FIRST LEGO League Tournament Over 300 students between the ages of 9 and 14 participated in the FLL Robotics tournament at Salmon Creek Elementary. December 3 - 4. Skyview stormbots helped organize and judge the competition involving Lego robots from over 40 teams. The team demonstrated its 2011 competition robot to inspire the younger students.

The StormBots Sparkle at Girls Generation

The StormBots Sparkle at Girls Generation Remember remember the 13th of November! On Saturday the thirteenth, the “pretty in pink” side of the Stormbot’s team paraded to Catlin Gable for the first Pacific Northwest Girl’s Generation. Thirteen female robotics teams strutted their stuff with last seasons robots on the Breakaway field. Skyview’s girls sported hot pink shirts and comprised the largest group of girls of any team. The girls played an exciting game and even scored three goals in a 2.

StormBots Dominate at Girls Generation 2011

StormBots Dominate at Girls Generation 2011 Skyview robotics team girls–Leslie, Becca, Madeline, Lauren, Zoey, and Hsuan-Ting—took the team’s competition robot from last season to Catlin Gable School on October 29 for the 2nd Annual girls-only “Girls Generation Robotics Competition.” This competition hopes to inspire girls to take advantage of the opportunities through FIRST Robotics to get “hands-on” experience with technology. It gives them a slight “leg up” over their often more domineering male counterparts, and a chance to witness the fun of engineering for themselves.

Capture the Bunny 2nd Place

Capture the Bunny 2nd Place A solid team effort captures 2nd place at the 2010 BunnyBot competition at Catlin Gable School in Portland. Carrying over the pink theme in shirt design, the team’s robust design, flawless programming and outstanding team work enabled them to survive 8 bolt-rattling rounds to make it to the championship finale. Other robots were knocked over or had large and small pieces of their ‘bots fly off during intense clashes during play.

StormBots Strike at 2010 PDX Regional

March was the final countdown! The robotics build season amounted up to one peaking moment, the Autodesk Oregon Regional FIRST competition at the Memorial Coliseum. 30 hours of competition over three days were jam packed with spirited teams sporting their colors, mascots dancing to the Macarena, and robots in action battling it out on the field. A total of 104 fierce rounds were played, each consisting of 3 teams on a red alliance and 3 on a blue alliance.