Capture the Bunny 2nd Place

Capture the Bunny 2nd Place A solid team effort captures 2nd place at the 2010 BunnyBot competition at Catlin Gable School in Portland. Carrying over the pink theme in shirt design, the team’s robust design, flawless programming and outstanding team work enabled them to survive 8 bolt-rattling rounds to make it to the championship finale. Other robots were knocked over or had large and small pieces of their ‘bots fly off during intense clashes during play.

StormBots Strike at 2010 PDX Regional

March was the final countdown! The robotics build season amounted up to one peaking moment, the Autodesk Oregon Regional FIRST competition at the Memorial Coliseum. 30 hours of competition over three days were jam packed with spirited teams sporting their colors, mascots dancing to the Macarena, and robots in action battling it out on the field. A total of 104 fierce rounds were played, each consisting of 3 teams on a red alliance and 3 on a blue alliance.

Celebrating Yakima

Tonight we want to celebrate the Yakima district competition. I would like to give students and mentors an opportunity to share some of their highlights. This is a heads up in case you have something you would like to share, you will have the opportunity tonight. You do not need to let me know ahead of time, but when you do share, try to keep it under a minute and be positive.