Interviews 4

Maia Luther is a junior participating in her third year in both StormBots and the foundations subteam. She’s in StormBots for the opportunity to “expand my horizons and build my skills”. The hardest part of being on the team for her is being around friends who aren’t nearly as excited about StormBots. If Maia wasn’t in foundations, she’d want to be in competitions since, while “were reaching out to the community, they’re reaching out to other teams,” which she thinks is cool. The best part of going to competitions is seeing the other teams and realizing the differences between them and us. Next year, she believes the the team will be better than ever before, since each year we just grow with what we know. Maia would like to have a competition in Canada because they’re so kind and she’d love to see a Canadian robot. In the future, she thinks StormBots will help her through her new business knowledge and ability to work with anyone.

Emilia Plante is a sophomore in her second year on the frameworks subteam. She joined StormBots because she thought it’d be a great way to learn from other people and about engineering as well as understanding what she as a person likes to do. The hardest part of being in robotics is scheduling free time with how long it takes to do the season. Her favorite part of competitions is to interact in new ways with her team and to interact with other teams while getting to know more people. Next year, Emilia thinks the team will look different with all the people that are leaving, but all the people who are still on the team being more ingrained within the team and even more vitilazed to get back to Worlds. She wishes that for a competition, she want to go to literally any other country, specifically Canada or England. In the future, she thinks StormBots will help her with her ability to collaborate and use tools.