Interview 3

Eli Pugsley is a junior who’s in the functions subteam. This is his third year on the team. He’s in StormBots because “it’s fun.” To him, the hardest part of the team is the lack of time. If he wasn’t in functions, he’d want to be in frameworks for the similarity between the two sub teams. In his opinion, next year the team will be lacking current seniors and just might have new freshman. His ideal competition location is the DMZ because then there’s “FRC in the DMZ”. In the future, he’ll know how to build things thanks to StormBots.

Asia Scurlock is a freshman in the controls subteam. This is, of course, her first year in StormBots. She joined StormBots to have a better outlet for her SMT activities since she’s not taking any tech classes. The hardest part of being on the team is having to balance her school work with StormBots. If she wasn’t in controls, she’d want to be in frameworks because she notices how much they’re moving around and doing things as well as using tools. Next year, she thinks everything will be more organized, and the current freshman will be more prepared for next year. StormBots has taught her how to better prioritize things and organize her time. StormBots is pushing her to do more things, which she believes all of the skills will carry with her into the future.