Interviews 2

Lucas Schadewitz is a junior in the foundations sub team. He’s in StormBots to take the skills he learns from the program to become successful and knowledgeable in the future, and because “it’s amazingly fun”. While they’ve changed a lot from what’s happened in his sophomore year, he wants to continue changing his sub team by increasing the responsibility and tasks done within it. If he wasn’t on foundations, he’d want to be in any build team because he feels “more oriented to the hands-on tasks”. Next year, he feels that, because of our success in Worlds in 2018 our team will expand more to better relationships with other teams and have more outreach. For a different competition location, he chooses Mars. When questioned why, he simply says “Because it’s Mars”. He feels that the opportunities StormBots gave him and the skills he’s learned has taught him various skills, such as through his year in Wingnuts, he’s now able to “look at a shop and know what I’m doing”. He also feels it’s made him a better public speaker.

Steven “Steelix” Selix is a senior in the functions. He’s in StormBots for a “plethora of reasons”, the most important being that “fun, yet educational”. To him, the hardest part of being on the team is his communication, though he says that StormBots has helped improve them. Other than functions, the team he’d like to be in would be Wingnuts for the building aspect with the wide variety of skills and safety he’d learn. The best part of the competitions is how much it exposes him to different things, especially at Worlds. His favorite idea for a competition location would be in Colorado because “it’s out in the middle of nowhere”; he prefers to be in less-crowded areas.