Student Interview 1

Tonight, we’re shifting from meeting summaries to student interviews on Tuesdays and Thursdays, one or two per night.

Joseph Wiedeman is a senior who is a Wingnut participating in his fourth year of StormBots. He’s in StormBots because of his love to build. He joined StormBots itself to join a friend, and he just continued through his love to build for the next four years. His favorite part of going to the competitions is seeing the other robots and cheering on his team. StormBots has convinced Joseph that engineering and robots are our future. His ideal competition location would be somewhere in Alaska to see how unique and different it is.

Connor Goaring is a sophomore who’s in his second year of the programming sub team. He joined StormBots because of a fascination with robots since a young age. If he wasn’t in programming, he’d want to be in functions because he really likes CAD and the idea of designing things. Next year he believes the team will have more freshmen and will be slightly bigger in general. Connor would like to go to somewhere in the northeast of the country to see the differences between the robots. To him, the best part of competitions is seeing the robot they built in action.