Practice Schedule Changes - Week Of March 25th

We’ve had a great season so far – let’s keep it going by doing well at Lake Oswego! The practice plan for this week has changed a bit – please read below. As always, any emails you get after this that come from your mentors take precedent over this post.


  • ONLY Programming is practicing. 6:00 to 9:00 (may run a little late)
  • Unbag #1 – Programming
  • Get the new code debugged
  • Work on auto improvements


  • All Team meeting. Everyone there 6:00 to 8:30
  • Unbag #2 – Functions/Frameworks/Controls
  • Install new gearboxes/motors for elevator & climber, and change wiring as needed
  • Install new shaft for climber
  • Install new washers for cable carrier
  • Install climber on competition bot
  • Programming will work with the Practice Bot.


  • Programming and Drive Team
  • Check mechanical and electrical
  • Code for new motors and gearing for elevator and climber
  • Test climbing
  • Drive Team practice
  • Auto improvements
  • Pack for Lake Oswego


  • No teams will be practicing

Anyone not involved in the above on Tuesday will be packing for Lake Oswego, fixing the Drive Team Cart, putting up our awards on the wall, or other items.

We need anyone involved directly in the unbag to come in at 5:30. This includes Claire, Lili, Quade, Caden, Jacob, Darby, Charlotta, Kristin, and anyone else the mentors name in future emails. We really need the SLT to be done by 5:30 or as soon as possible. We must start the unbag immediately after the team meeting.