Meeting For Potential Houston Travelers

This email was sent to your parents:

Parents – if you are even considering your student going to the FIRST World Championships in Houston with the Stormbots in April, you must attend the parent meeting this Tuesday night at 6:30. We are planning to make committed reservations as soon as Wednesday, so we need your attendance so you understand the costs and other requirements.

I know there has already been a note about this, but we really need everyone who is interested in their child going to Houston to attend. If you miss the meeting, it is quite possible we will not be able to accommodate your child on the trip.

If you are not planning on having your student travel to Houston, then you do not need to attend this parent meeting. If this is the case, please be sure you have completed the survey Luke Glassett sent out and said your student will not be attending. We need to mark students off that will not be attending.

Thanks, Jeff

Please make sure that they got this email, and that they attend if you are interested in going to Houston. Keep in mind that we may not be able to take everyone interested, and also have not officially qualified.

Thank you,

Mr. Glassett