Blog Post 3

How we did this last week seemed to work really well, so we‘re going to be continuing it. Let’s jump right into it!

Foundations: We made work towards Chairmans and Entrepreneurship awards, as well as discuss how we’ll be generating income and what changes can be made to the website without reworking the whole thing.

Competitions: They made slides for an outline on what we need for different awards, and continued working with Tableu for preparation for next year.

Controls: They are creating a pneumatic presentation board for testing future pneumatics, as well as finished the battery work from last week.

Functions: They are building a coolant reservoir to prevent metal from overheating, made new arms for Blue Thunder, and practice parts.

Frameworks: They attached new poles, parts and a gearbox in prepaeration for build season.

Programming: They’re testing the PID system with the “Brain in the Box”, attempted to use a path finding program to move the robot, and getting the robot to be able to interpret its surrounding with reflective tape.

Wingnuts weren’t here tonight.