Blog Post 2

Hello everyone, I’m going to be trying to give information from all of the sub teams, because I feel it was lacking in total information. Anyway, here’s the start of the blog improvements:

Foundations: Foundations worked on figuring out what’s best for the website within the future, and did work for videos and photos.

Competitions: Competitions was compiling data to make it more readable for others through Tableau, and figuring out what can be done for award qualifications.

Wingnuts: Wingnuts attached zip tie holders to the back off the drawer to secure wires, and attached the battery charger to the drawer.

Controls: Controls got new batteries and terminals for the batteries, and worked on terminating them, which means attaching leads on the new batteries, and worked on the pneumatic test bed.

Functions: Functions learned how to properly punch holes and drill holes into laser printed templates.

Frameworks: Frameworks worked on axles and churros by using the verticle bandsaw and the lathe to prepare for the protobot.

Programming: Programming took images to get the robot‘s camera able to register the reflective tape around it and read its surroundings, using Pathfinder (basically points on a real-life graph to go places) to get a protobot to go in the right directions the right length), and finetuned the leadscrew.