Capture the Bunny 2nd Place

Capture the Bunny 2nd Place

Robot In Action

A solid team effort captures 2nd place at the 2010 BunnyBot competition at Catlin Gable School in Portland. Carrying over the pink theme in shirt design, the team’s robust design, flawless programming and outstanding team work enabled them to survive 8 bolt-rattling rounds to make it to the championship finale.

Drive Team Qualifications

Other robots were knocked over or had large and small pieces of their ‘bots fly off during intense clashes during play. The StormBots amassed 72 points and was selected to by second highest scoring team1823 from Lincoln High/Portland to be their alliance parter in the championship showdown against Team Mean Machine (Camas/Washougal) and The Flaming Chickens from the host school.

Drive Team Finals

The StormBots will start designing their next robot beginning January 8th for the 2011 FRC World Championships!