Blog Post 3

How we did this last week seemed to work really well, so we‘re going to be continuing it. Let’s jump right into it! Foundations: We made work towards Chairmans and Entrepreneurship awards, as well as discuss how we’ll be generating income and what changes can be made to the website without reworking the whole thing. Competitions: They made slides for an outline on what we need for different awards, and continued working with Tableu for preparation for next year.

Blog Post 2

Hello everyone, I’m going to be trying to give information from all of the sub teams, because I feel it was lacking in total information. Anyway, here’s the start of the blog improvements: Foundations: Foundations worked on figuring out what’s best for the website within the future, and did work for videos and photos. Competitions: Competitions was compiling data to make it more readable for others through Tableau, and figuring out what can be done for award qualifications.

Weekly Blog

Hello everyone! We’re going to be trying a weekly blog, where, every week, we let you know what one sub-team did that Tuesday. So, tonight is mostly a test to see if it works well, as may be the next few updates. Anyway, tonight we looked at competitons. Competitions were using different graphs to analyze who was doing best at Worlds last season, and what they were doing that went well, through the amount of power cubes that they delivered to the home base and scale.

Stormbots Subteams 2018-2019

We’re very excited to announce the new subteam roster for the 2019 season for Deep Space.

PNW District Championships

We competed at PNW Championships April 4-7 at Portland’s Veterans Memorial Coliseum. Although we did not enter alliance selection placed as well as we had hoped, we were a first pick by the #8 alliance captain, 5468 Chaos Theory. Our third robot was 6831, A-O5 Annex. Although we were eliminated in quarterfinals, this was our first time competing in elimination rounds at District Championships. Additionally, we won our first District award, Gracious Professionalism and finished 13th overall in the PNW District.

District Championship Availability

We have mathematically qualified for the District Championships in Portland next week, April 4-7. We are currently aware of the following students who cannot attend: Alex Alina Jessica V. Joe V. Kristen Maia Ryan W. Terik WIlliam If you are not on this list, but cannot attend, please email me ASAP. Thanks, Mr. Glassett

Meeting For Potential Houston Travelers

This email was sent to your parents: Parents – if you are even considering your student going to the FIRST World Championships in Houston with the Stormbots in April, you must attend the parent meeting this Tuesday night at 6:30. We are planning to make committed reservations as soon as Wednesday, so we need your attendance so you understand the costs and other requirements. I know there has already been a note about this, but we really need everyone who is interested in their child going to Houston to attend.

Spirit Gear From Competitions

If you accidentally brought home spirit gear from the Yakima (Sun Dome) or Oregon City (Clackamas Academy) competitions, please remember to bring them back to robotics practice tonight. If you cannot bring it tonight please email me back with what you have so I can have a running inventory of this year’s spirit gear. Mrs. Snyder worked hard making all those costumes alongside marketing so we would relay appreciate it.

Practice Schedule Changes - Week Of March 25th

We’ve had a great season so far – let’s keep it going by doing well at Lake Oswego! The practice plan for this week has changed a bit – please read below. As always, any emails you get after this that come from your mentors take precedent over this post. Monday ONLY Programming is practicing. 6:00 to 9:00 (may run a little late) Unbag #1 – Programming Get the new code debugged Work on auto improvements Tuesday All Team meeting.