Get Involved: Invest in the Future!

The Problem

We live in a society that idolizes entertainment – athletes, musicians, and actors. Yet none of the scientific and technological advancements that have bettered our standard of living since the Middle Ages have been due to entertainment; they have been due to the hard work of scientists and engineers around the world finding innovative solutions to the world’s problems. As the world becomes more complex and the old ways of doing things becomes insufficient, more and more scientists and engineers will be needed to solve the difficult problems of tomorrow. However, not enough young people are pursuing careers in science and technology to meet future needs. With the introduction of FIRST Robotics, students from elementary through high school now have an opportunity to further advance their knowledge on subjects that not only interest them, but help them by giving them skills that are applicable and desired in today’s technology driven industries.

The Solution

To combat this problem, Dean Kamen, inventor and visionary, founded the organization known as FIRST – For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology. FIRST holds annual regional and national robot competitions for school and community-based teams. These competitions celebrate the creative and innovative use of science and technology in solving complex problems. Mentored by working adults from all career fields, students learn that careers related to science and technology can be fun, exciting, and rewarding.

Why me or my company?

Supporting the Skyview StormBots has many direct benefits to your company. Besides supporting youth in the local community, working with the StormBots is a great opportunity to help young people develop interest in careers at your company. Professionals from your company can volunteer/mentor our team and help students build industry desired knowledge and skills in a way that is rewarding to both the students and the mentors. Financial support provides resources for the students to design and experiment as they code and build functional robotic systems. As a financial or in-kind sponsor, your company name will be promoted on our team’s banners at all public team events, on our website, on our tee-shirts, and in our team brochure.

To learn more about becoming a supporter of the Skyview StormBots please contact us at: Contributions to the StormBots are tax-deductible.

[Thanks to Team 492 Titan Robotics Club for inspiration on reasons to support robotics teams]


Rebecca L

Grade Class of 2014, 4 years a StormBot. BS Mechanical Engineering
I loved everything about being a StormBot! I loved working to solve problems, coming up with new concepts and turning them into prototypes and all the friends I made.

Mike H.

Grade Class of 2013, 4 years a StormBot, BS Electrical Engineering
I did have the advantage of having gained the experience from FIRST that most people didn't get until they were out of college. Going into college with that head-start was extremely useful.

Katherine C.

Grade Class of 2015, BBA Accounting, 4 years a StormBot
In my interview with Intel I discussed how robotics has given me an interest in technology. I told the interviewer how proud I was to work in STEM and how I would love to continue supporting the STEM industry in my career as an accountant. The interviewer even told me that my comments about the tech industry made her feel even prouder to work at Intel. I am confident that this set me apart from the hundreds of applicants and was a significant factor in me getting the position.

Jacob O.

Grade Senior, 4 years a StormBot
Being on the StormBots taught me a lot about engineering and working in a professional environment

Steven S.

Grade Senior, 4 years a StormBot
I enjoy the hands on experience, and i like to learn and teach others new skills and be able to create new things.