We Build More Than Robots

We Build Futures

Through community outreach, partnerships, and recruitment our team 2811 inspires, transforms, and shapes the world around us into a place where innovation, technology, and the sciences are celebrated. As a team we cultivate an environment for growth that extends beyond our team, aiming to engage, inspire, and educate both our team members and members of our community. Our motto, “We build more than robots we build futures,” motivates each student and mentor to strive for a personal best every day. This helps our members develop self-confidence, communication skills, as well as a passion for science and technology that will last throughout their lifetime. This is our vision, this is StormBots.


None of what we do would be possible without our mentors and parent volunteers. Mentors give the gifts of their time, life wisdom and professional experience all of which help us grow into mature, responsible and caring adults ourselves. They all come from different career paths, not just engineering but they all bring the same thing: knowledge critical to our team’s functioning and our growth as individuals. They teach us to program. They show us how to build robots. They show us by their example how to plan, organize and lead a project. They give us help when we need it, but never interfere or do things themselves. Without our mentors, this team wouldn’t be able to work and do the things it does. We thank all of our mentors and parent volunteers for the amazing gifts they share with us! What?!?!? You’re not an engineer? NO PROBLEM!! An FRC team needs many different types of assistance, not just technical stuff: we need mentors and parent volunteers who can help write a business plan, design a web site, create a marketing campaign, and more! Please contact us at info@stormbots.com for more information.

Recent Updates

Blog Post 3

How we did this last week seemed to work really well, so we‘re going to be continuing it. Let’s jump right into it! Foundations: We made work towards Chairmans and Entrepreneurship awards, as well as discuss how we’ll be generating income and what changes can be made to the website without reworking the whole thing. Competitions: They made slides for an outline on what we need for different awards, and continued working with Tableu for preparation for next year.

Blog Post 2

Hello everyone, I’m going to be trying to give information from all of the sub teams, because I feel it was lacking in total information. Anyway, here’s the start of the blog improvements: Foundations: Foundations worked on figuring out what’s best for the website within the future, and did work for videos and photos. Competitions: Competitions was compiling data to make it more readable for others through Tableau, and figuring out what can be done for award qualifications.

Weekly Blog

Hello everyone! We’re going to be trying a weekly blog, where, every week, we let you know what one sub-team did that Tuesday. So, tonight is mostly a test to see if it works well, as may be the next few updates. Anyway, tonight we looked at competitons. Competitions were using different graphs to analyze who was doing best at Worlds last season, and what they were doing that went well, through the amount of power cubes that they delivered to the home base and scale.